Jump in and discover the exciting attractions and activities near you in Hazel Park and Saugatuck, MI. Though these areas are known for high-quality medical dispensaries, there’s so much more to do and see beyond that.

Complex aromas of coffee, beer, and home-grown greenery await you at Hazel Park, MI. Embark on a culinary adventure with food and brewery tours or frolic among flora in the local parks. After feasting and fun, explore the medical dispensaries that offer a wide variety of products to suit everyone’s needs.

Saugatuck, MI is a paradise for art lovers. This gem of the Midwest art scene is loaded with galleries, boutiques, and artisan shops filled with unique, locally made wares. Immerse yourself in an afternoon of browsing, and then head to the local Weed Dispensary to find your perfect relaxation aid.

Don’t miss out on a trip to Muskegon, MI and Sand Lake, MI. These areas are renowned for their rich history, vibrant arts scene, and of course, some of the best medical marijuana dispensaries. Experience big flavors at local restaurants, shop vintage threads, then take a mellow stroll on the beach.

Your journey won’t be complete without a visit to Nunica, MI known for its beautiful trails and stunning golf courses. This serene location provides great opportunities to unwind, whether it be exploring the outdoors or discovering the array of products at a dispensary near you.

Last but certainly not least, our tour takes us to Edmore, MI. Known for outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, and camping, it’s the place to enjoy Mother Nature’s best. The day won’t be complete without stepping inside New Standard’s Dispensary for an exploration of premium products.

There’s so much to do and see beyond the dispensaries near you! Enjoy your adventure through Hazel Park, Saugatuck, Muskegon, Sand Lake, Nunica, and Edmore. Always let your curiosity be the guide.