If you’ve recently ventured into the vast field of cannabis, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Whether farming in Los Angeles, Marina Del Ray, Burbank, Santa Monica, Long Beach or Hollywood, there’s a lot of new information to digest. However, you can leave the heavy lifting to us! Let’s take a closer look at the choices you will need to navigate successfully through the world of cannabis.

Founded in 2006, MMD Shops have been pioneers in the cannabis industry in Southern California. Now operating four locations, they are your go-to option for both recreational and medical marijuana. If you’re uncertain about the difference, recreational marijuana is used without medical justification while medical marijuana is used for medicative purposes prescribed by doctors.

Whether you’re new to Los Angeles, CA or a long-time resident of Hollywood, CA, the following DIY tips will be invaluable for cannabis consumers:

1. Identify Your Needs: Do you want to use cannabis to relax after a long day or are you looking for a potential treatment for chronic pain or other medical conditions? Knowing what you want from your cannabis experience can help guide you towards the proper options.

2. Learn Each Strain: There are several cannabis strains, predominantly Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Each of these strains offers different effects, from relaxation to creativity to pain relief. Researching these strains can help you identify which one may be most suitable for your needs.

3. Always Start Slow: If you’re new to cannabis, start with small quantities. Just as you wouldn’t drink an entire bottle of wine if you’re new to alcohol, you should not use large amounts of cannabis right from the start.

4. Consult Experts: Make sure to discuss your needs and concerns with the experienced professionals at MMD Shops. They are always available to ensure you make an informed decision about your cannabis product of choice.

5. Stay Legal: Always follow local and state regulations regarding cannabis use. The last thing you need is a run-in with law enforcement because you weren’t aware of a local ordinance or state law.

6. Delivery Option: For utmost convenience, consider opting for MMD Shops’ delivery service. Whichever city you reside in, placing an order is as simple as making a phone call or navigating their user-friendly website.

In the bustling cities of Southern California, accessing cannabis has never been easier or more convenient. Be it recreational weed or medical marijuana, MMD Shops is your one-stop shop. Remember, your choices should be dictated by careful consideration of your own needs and the expert guidance of professionals. With the right knowledge at your disposal, navigating the world of cannabis will become a breeze.