Are you tired of your daily, repetitive routine? Life’s all about discovery, isn’t it? It’s time to jump off the hamster wheel and introduce a bit of greenery via Pleasantrees in East Lansing.

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I get my card?”. Our ninja-gardener elites have simplified the process for you!

Start by squirreling away all your ID cards; the wizards at Pleasantrees are more into proof than Professor McGonagall herself. Let’s not make it an episode of ‘Sherlock’, just your Michigan identification will do the trick.

Next, muster up your “can-do” attitude and channel your inner Gladiator. It’s about to be a wild ride! Not really‚Ķ you just have to fill up a simple form. Might sound daunting, but I promise, it’s friendlier than a kitten batting at a feather.

Last but not least, brace yourself! The mailman might be inching his way towards you with your brand-spanking new Pleasantrees card. Then, with the nobility of Sir Lancelot pulling out his sword, you can yank that card from the envelope!

And Voila, Welcome to Pleasantrees, dear knight of East Lansing!