Welcome to ‘Codes – Osage Beach, MO’, where we stand at the humorous crossroads of the classic ‘feel-good’ and the medically ‘good-for-you’ vibe. It’s no joke that we’re one of the most popular Marijuana Dispensaries in Missouri, but have you ever wondered why?

Here’s the punchline: we embrace our role with a side-splitting blend of laughter, love, light, and lots and lots of leaves. We know this is a serious business, but we firmly believe in balancing the scales with dauntless humor and good spirits (despite not actually selling spirits).

Our Weed Dispensary is not so much a clinic as it is a stand-up comedy club, filled with infectious laughter and friendly banter. Why? Happiness, like humor, is therapeutic, and we want you to leave feeling better than when you walked in. After all, we’ve mastered the ‘art’ of healing through humor…and a bit of the herb too!

So, for your one-stop-shop for giggles, guffaws, and ganja, come drop by our Medical Dispensary!