“Puff-Puff-Pass” isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s a lifestyle for the folks at Valley Wellness. They ARE your friendly neighborhood medical and recreational cannabis dispensary situated in the delightful Somers! Unlike your traditional pharmacy, with its sterilized ambiance that rivals an operating room, they’ve taken a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book (pun intended) and imbued a sense of comfort and tranquility into their space. Trust us, picking up your prescription here is less of an errand and more of an aroma-filled adventure.

Bringing the Garden to You

Valley Wellness believes in getting high on life…and, uh, well…some other stuff too maybe. Their medical cannabis goes beyond giving you a euphoric ride—it plays a therapeutic role too. Struggle with arthritis or chronic pain? There’s a strain for that. Can’t catch some Zs? There’s a strain for that too. Drowning in anxiety? You guessed it—there’s a strain for that! Their enthusiastic team is always ready to guide you through the multitude of choices available. Don’t let the names like ‘Purple Urkle’ or ‘Alien Rock Candy‘ intimidate you; Valley Wellness ensures your trip here will always leave you feeling ‘up’ in all the right ways!