Nestled in Seattle’s vibrant White Center, Uncle Ike’s establishes itself not just as a trusted source for quality cannabis but also as a part of the very fabric of this diverse community. The originality and warm atmosphere of White Center reflects the philosophy of Uncle Ike’s, blending in to offer a unique cannabis experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

A Neighborhood Bursting with Culture

Stroll around the blocks nearby and you’ll quickly understand why White Center is considered one of the area’s most inventive neighborhoods. Its residents represent a multitude of countries, which has influenced its rich tapestry of cultural food outlets, scintillating art displays and charismatic local businesses. From the hip Vietnamese cuisine at Pho White Center to the enchanting experience at the Georgetown Morgue Haunted House, there’s something for everyone around Uncle Ike’s.

Eclectic Eateries and Fantastic Breweries

Foodies will love dining out at the colorful eateries dotting the White Center landscape. Proletariat Pizza, a slice of New York in the heart of our district, stands out with its handcrafted, thin-crust pizzas. Also within a stone’s throw of Uncle Ike’s, you’ll find the one-of-a-kind Beer Star, a haven for craft beer enthusiasts featuring locally brewed selections in a warm setting.

Blending Art, Shopping and Outdoor Excitement

White Center prides itself on its vibrant arts community. More than just food and drink, the area is a destination for vintage treasures and unique home goods. You’ll find retro furniture, vinyl records, and specialty stores like Miss Sheryl’s Ballet, a unique experience for tiny dancers. If you’re more nature-inclined, the nearby Strait of Juan de Fuca offers scenic views and water-filled fun!

In White Center, Uncle Ike’s is more than just your go-to stop for cannabis—it’s a cornerstone in a district full of culture, flavor, and unique experiences.