Discover a higher way of life with Iconic Wellness & Provisioning, your trusted cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Lowell, MI. Committed to offering only the highest quality products in a welcoming environment, Iconic Wellness marks the pinnacle of modern cannabis innovation and customer service.

For the LGBT+ community, we take pride in providing a safe and supportive dispensary experience. Understanding different lifestyle needs, we continue to diversify our selection to ensure everyone feels included. Here at Iconic Wellness, you’ll find cannabis medicine and holistic healing in a space where diversity is celebrated.

Beyond just provisioning, Iconic Wellness is a beacon of support and wellness education. We’re here to facilitate informative, non-judgemental conversations about the benefits of cannabis — for holistic health, stress management, and much more.

We invite you to visit us in Lowell, engage with our knowledgeable staff, explore our wide product range and start your journey towards enriched wellness today. Iconic Wellness & Provisioning, where quality products meet compassionate service. This is where your journey to wellness begins.