New Standard is a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, raising the bar of excellence in Nunica and Grand Haven, Michigan. Our company, a cannabis haven by definition, was formed with a dedication to professionalism, safety, and unparalleled product quality.

New Standard was born from a passion for cannabis and a vision to herald a new era in the industry. We are not just a dispensary, but a hub for cannabis aficionados alike. With locations nestled in Nunica and Grand Haven, we offer a haven for those seeking the curative and recreational benefits of cannabis.

We take pride in our diverse product array that appeals to both first-timers and seasoned cannabis consumers. Our selection boasts locally-sourced, carefully cultivated cannabis products that are stringently tested for safety and efficacy. Whether our customers are seeking relief from medical conditions or simply aiming to enrich their cannabis experiences, New Standard promises a catered and comprehensive approach.

But beyond our affiliations as a dispensary, we are an active participant in the local communities of Nunica and Grand Haven, Mich. Committed to driving progress, New Standard consistently invests in initiatives that uplift the community, foster economic growth, and promote cannabis education.

True to our name, New Standard embodies the new standard in cannabis quality and customer care. We unite enthusiasts from different walks of life in a shared passion for cannabis and its boundless potentials. Join us at our Nunica or Grand Haven locations, and discover a new standard in cannabis culture.