Welcome, Kittery! We’re East Coast Cannabis, your friendly neighborhood “Beer Store” – though we’re known for a different kind of brew. If you’ve ever thought, “Can I swap my six-pack for a sativa strain?” – you’re in the right place!

No More Beer Runs!

That’s right! You might have to make a beer run across Kittery or Eliot, but for us, you just need one smooth move. We’re keeping it grassy, classy, and never trashy, right here in your town.

Join us and you’ll soon be asking why beer, when you can have “Cheese” (not the dairy kind, but the iconic strain!). Enjoy the rousing aroma without the fear of a hangover the next day. But don’t just take our word for it, explore our menu and see the selection for yourself.

Get Ahold of a New Experience

Red or white? Stout or IPA? How about Green Crack or Blue Dream? Spice up your evening routine, and explore the rich, green world of East Coast Cannabis. We’re opening up a whole new dimension for Kittery. Move over, beers. Here comes the bud!