“Ever think about how ironic the term ‘recreational marijuana’ is?” I have, in my typical Seinfeld take on the world. “I mean, what’s the deal with that? It’s not like we’re taking a pot plant for a spin around the park!”

Deciding to pursue your first foray into the world of recreational marijuana can feel a bit like an alien discovering a totally new planet. It’s a little intimidating, a lot curious, and filled with the possibility that you are about to experience something unlike any other.

The whole experience has dramatically changed, like when you used to answer the phone and say “Who’s this?” Now it’s, “Where am I? How did I even get here?” With all these new-age dispensaries like Pleasantrees sweeping Hamtramck, MI & Oak Park, MI, it is a whole new ballpark. Gone are the dingy back alleys and questionable sellers – now it’s all about bright stores, knowledgeable staff, and a relaxing environment.

When it comes to recreational marijuana in Madison Heights, MI & Warren, MI, it’s important to know that this isn’t the same old stuff you’ve seen in the movies. This isn’t couch-locked, munchie-driven stupor. It is sophisticated, cultured, a conversation starter over dinner with friends.

Marijuana dispensaries in the area have turned the entire buying and consumption experience upside down, or should I say, high up? The big question when searching ‘cannabis near me’ in Hazel Park, MI, isn’t who sells it. It’s who sells the best. We’re looking for experiences here, folks.

A marijuana dispensary in Royal Oak, MI isn’t just a haven for the stoner stereotype anymore – it’s a social hub. It’s a place to explore, to converse, a place to discover new interests. It’s the hip new coffee shop meeting spot, minus the coffee jitters and overpriced pastry.

Really, recreational marijuana is like a Seinfeld sketch, there’s an element of humor to it. The options are endless. You’ve got your flowers, your concentrates, your edibles, all sounding more like a visit to a botanical garden or a bakery. “Do I want the banana bread or the gummy bears?”

Evolving laws and the increasing acceptance of recreational marijuana have given companies like Pleasantrees a chance to redefine the cannabis experience. I mean, have you ever thought you’d kick back on a Saturday afternoon, walk into a store, and ask a sales consultant, “What can you recommend for a light, more mellow high? Something to pair with my Netflix binge?”

So, swing by a dispensary, be the stand-up comedian exploring this new (or shall I say age-old refined) craft. Only remember, when it comes to reciting your favorite Seinfeld punching lines, cannabis can make anything sound funnier. And isn’t laughter the best kind of high?

“Pleasantrees,” sounds like a nice stroll through a sunny park, doesn’t it? Only instead of feeding the ducks, you’re sampling top-shelf cannabis. Not sure about you, but, I’ll take that walk–any day.